5 sales targets for early-stage startups

January 6, 2023
Sales Management

Here are some examples of sales targets that an early stage startup might set:

1. Revenue

Your startup's revenue is a key metric that you'll want to track as you grow. Set a target for how much revenue you want to generate in a given period, such as a month or a quarter.

2. Customer acquisition

Another important target to set is the number of new customers you want to acquire. This could be a specific number of customers per month or a percentage growth in your customer base over a certain period of time.

3. Lead generation

In order to bring in new customers, you'll need to generate leads. Set a target for how many leads you want to generate in a given period of time.

4. Conversion rate

The percentage of leads that turn into paying customers is known as the conversion rate. Set a target for your conversion rate and track your progress towards meeting it.

5. Average deal size

The average size of each sale that your team closes is another key metric to track. Set a target for your average deal size and work towards increasing it over time.

Keep in mind that these targets should be realistic and achievable, given the resources and capabilities of your startup.
As you grow and your business evolves, you may need to adjust your targets accordingly.