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We place top-performing candidates with an average of 2 to 4 weeks time-to-hire.
Our team has successful track record with SaaS, Fintech, HR, Staffing, IT, Real Estate, Construction, AI, Cybersecurity and other tech startups in the US.
Our proven process and AI technology reduce hiring costs by up to 80% compared to traditional recruiting agencies.
We're a trusted talent acquisition partner for startups from Y Combinator, Alchemist, and Plug and Play.

We have helped numerous tech startups build their sales teams, and we believe we can do the same for you.

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Benefits of partnering with Lavendo:

No upfront payment

You'll only pay after the successful candidate's starting date.

Increased revenue

Achieve x5 ROI within the 1st year by getting top-performing candidates.

Reduced time-to-hire

Our process and vast network empower us to fill the roles within 2 to 4 weeks.

High quality of hire

We prioritize culture fit and satisfaction of hiring managers, maintaining an impressive 80% to 100% retention rate.

Replacement guarantee

We offer a free replacement if a candidate doesn't meet your expectations within the first 90 days.

Low cost-per-hire

Our recruitment fee is flat, transparent and cost-effective.

What our clients say:

Thanks to Lavendo, we successfully entered the US market and closed our very first deals. The pricing they offered was by far the best we came across, and they delivered a high-value candidate who possessed the exact experience we were seeking. We highly recommend Lavendo to anyone searching for sales talent in the US. They truly exceeded our expectations!

Elliott Sergeenko, Founder of Geecko

We had specific requirements for our candidate, and Lavendo delivered 15 highly-relevant profiles in just two weeks. Their thorough pre-vetting process saved us valuable time and ensured we found the perfect fit for our sales team. The role was successfully filled within just a month. We highly recommend Lavendo to any company in need of sales recruiting services.

Stan Meshkov, Founder of Umbrella IT

Lavendo is the best firm for hiring and scaling SDR and sales teams. We consistently refer their services to our portfolio startups. I highly recommend Lavendo to any founder or VC looking to build a high-performing sales force.

Nick Davidov, VC in AI, Partner at DVC

Lavendo has been instrumental in helping us connect with exceptionally skilled professionals who perfectly match our requirements. Their service has enabled us to swiftly and efficiently welcome perfect new members to our team. We're looking forward to expanding our collaboration with Lavendo as their dedication and value truly stand out in the industry. We have confidently referred their services to our partners, assured by the high standard they consistently deliver.

Roman Smolevskiy, Co-Founder of BuildTech VC

Flat Recruiting Fee

Per user $119 billed yearly
  • Integrations
  • Track your time
  • Email marketing
Per user $282 billed yearly
  • Time tracking
  • Gmail plugins
  • Turn on reminders
Entry to Mid-Senior Level
no hidden fees
  • ✔️ Sales Development Representative / SDR
    ✔️ Business Development Representative / BDR
    ✔️ Account Executive
    ✔️ Solutions Engineer / Sales Engineer
    ✔️ Account Manager / TAM
    ✔️ Customer Success
Middle Management
no hidden fees
  • ✔️ SDR Manager / BDR Manager
    ✔️ Sales Manager
    ✔️ Sales Operations
    ✔️ Sales Enablement

Per user $119 billed yearly
  • Integrations
  • Track your time
  • Email marketing
Per user $282 billed yearly
  • Time tracking
  • Gmail plugins
  • Turn on reminders
Strategy and Leadership
no hidden fees
  • ✔️ VP of Sales
    ✔️ VP of Business Development
    ✔️ Head of Sales
    ✔️ Head of Revenue Operations
    ✔️ Director of Customer Success
    ✔️ GTM Advisor
Hiring more than 1 candidate?
-50% 🎉
when hiring multiple candidates
  • Get up up 50% discount when hiring multiple candidates.
    Contact our team to discuss special terms.

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Some of the most frequently asked questions

How long does it take to hire a sales professional?

The whole recruiting process, from creating an Ideal Candidate Profile to signing the job offer, typically takes 2 to 4 weeks.

The timeline for hiring a sales professional can vary depending on several factors, such as the complexity of the role and the availability of qualified candidates in the desired location.

What is the difference between a full-time employee and a contractor?

Full-time employees are permanent staff who have a long-term commitment to the company. They work regular hours, receive medical benefits, and follow company policies.

Contractors are self-employed individuals engaged in specific projects. They have flexibility in working hours and location, handle their taxes, and lack benefits.

It's important to understand local labor laws to ensure proper classification. Consulting legal and HR professionals can help determine the appropriate arrangement for your business.

Will I have to pay the recruiting fee upfront?

While an upfront fee is typically required to initiate the process, we provide options for milestone-based payments. Contact our team to discuss the payment options that best suit your needs.