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Lavendo is one of the most professional firms I have worked with. With many years of sales experience, I was able to onboard and expand my career globally with the support of Lavendo. Lavendo's team is extremely professional and made sure the relationship between their client and me was a success. With years of startup experience, Lavendo placed me in one of the most exciting startup roles in my career.

Karen, VP of Business Development

By far one of the most professional firms I have worked with and the experience exceeded my expectations. Lavendo is extremely professional and made sure the process was straightforward and the relationship between me and their client was positioned for success. Lavendo aligned me effortlessly with by far one of the most exciting and rewarding opportunities I have taken on in my 20+ year career. We’re talking total Unicorn potential!

Michael, Head of Sales

The team at Lavendo are professional, effective, and get results. My job offer had 4 interviews totals and wrapped up in 1 month. It is for a large company selling complex enterprise custom software services. Where Lavendo really shines is Startups, SMBs and large established agencies looking to break into the US market or hire talented US salespeople. Thank you Lavendo I know you’ll do great things!

Nathan, Account Executive

Working with Lavendo was an outstanding experience, they helped us establish a successful foothold in the US market. Their guidance and valuable insights were instrumental to our success, and their comprehensive range of services at an unbeatable value was truly impressive. Their team of experts were dedicated to our success and we highly recommend them to anyone looking to expand their reach.

Elliott Sergeenko, CEO & Founder @

Why us?

Verified Jobs: We offer sales jobs opportunities at funded startups and tech companies looking for long-term hires
Fair Pay: The roles we work with have transparent compensation structures and uncapped commissions
Security: We'll never sell your data or tell your current company about your job search
Full Support: We are here to guide you through the whole process to help you succeed
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